Rogers launches Anyplace TV Home Edition for iPad, lets users watch 25 live channels in the home

We were on hand yesterday to see Rogers launch its new Anyplace TV Home Edition app for iOS. The draw here is something that US cable companies have been offering for a while, and goes beyond what Bell and Telus are offering with their smartphone-based PVR controllers.

Alongside what Rogers is calling its Nextbox 2.0 experience, AnyPlace TV HE endeavours to emulate a remote control for your cable boxes, set recordings for your PVR(s), and watch one of 25 live channels while connected to your home WiFi network (on Rogers, of course). The premise is simple but powerful; the tablet is fast becoming the second screen for many users, as they flip through web pages or read about the shows or movies they’re watching. Anyplace TV HE endeavours to provide that same experience but within a Rogers-branded context.

You get a full guide, showing you where you in the day and what content you can expect on a give channel. You can flip quickly to a specific channel, or use the included remote applet to browse as you would with a physical controller. You can search for a favourite show, set it to record, and then watch some CBC on your tablet while the game is playing on your television. The app can also be used on iPhone as a guide and remote control.

Rogers is promising future releases of its Home Edition app for Android, which will be released before the end of the year, and for Windows 8 tablets, which has no current release schedule.

Considering this is a free — and extremely useful — addition to any home with a Nextbox PVR set up, Anyplace TV Home Edition is a great product.

Download Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition for iOS.

Via: Redboard