SaskTel acknowledges billing error that caused some customers to receive $100,000 in charges

If you’re a SaskTel customer and open up your monthly bill and see a massive charge – possibly to the tune of $100,000 – don’t worry. SaskTel has acknowledged an error in their billing system and will be issuing credits. Apparently while “installing new network hardware” on their new 4G LTE network (scheduled to launch early 2013) about 9,000 customers were incorrectly billed at U.S. data rates.

According to SaskTel’s website, the errors impacted customers during between “November 23rd and 29th billing periods. Affected customers will receive a bill that may incorrectly rate their Saskatchewan data at U.S. data rates. The charges may range from a few cents to $100,000. SaskTel is working on automatically issuing credits to those customer’s accounts with incorrect data charges.”

Good work on SaskTel’s part for quickly resolving the situation.

Source: SaskTel
(Thanks Barry!)