Fetchnotes for Android and iPhone is a note-taking app for the Twitter generation

One of my favourite note-taking apps for Android and iOS got a nice update, aligning both interfaces and minimizing the learning curve.

Simply put, Fetchnotes has become the best quick thought companion on my smartphone, and I find myself using it more than Evernote or Springpad for basic notes. The app premises itself on hashtags and sharing. Beginning a note is as easy as tapping the “+” sign at the top-right corner of the screen. You can say something like “Pick up eggs and milk,” and hashtag it with “#groceries”. The app allows filtering of hashtags so you can narrow down everything in your “groceries” category and use it as a de facto checklist.

Fetchnotes adds a collaborative aspect, too, by allowing you to add a username using the “@” symbol in front of it. Say your colleague John registers under the handle “JohnnyDrama”, all you need to do to share the  note with him is add “@johnnydrama” anywhere in the note. To remove him from the collaboration, remove his name. Easy as that.

The app takes pains to be as simple as possible: there are no formatting options or expansive lists, just pure cloud-synced note-taking. There are Windows and OS X apps along with Linux and web-based applications. You can also register for 25GB of free storage with Box and enable automatic uploads of your notes to a specific Box directory. The web version of Fetchnotes plugs into the Filepicker.io API, allowing you to upload documents from Dropbox, Evernote, Skydrive, Box, Google Drive and more.

You can also email notes using your registered address, or text your notes when a data isn’t available. Features will likely expand in time, but at the moment it feels like Fetchnotes does one thing really, really well, and that’s enough for me.

Download Fetchnotes for Android and iOS.