Could BlueStacks Android player solve the Windows RT app problem?

We’ve detailed BlueStacks a few times, as it provides an intriguing way for Windows and Mac users to execute mobile apps on their less mobile devices.

Today, Bluestacks is claiming that it has passed five million “organic” installs via its homepage, meaning downloads that were not pre-installed on PCs such as with its partnership with Asus. While the company currently has versions for Windows 8 and OS X, it continues to hint at future Windows RT support, and it’s not hard to see why they would support the platform.

Microsoft’s Windows Store may be growing quickly, but as a Surface owner I can safely say the app selection is paltry at best and disappointing at worst. There are few, if any, notable image and video editors, not to mention the paucity of good Twitter apps. There’s still no official Dropbox app, though it’s coming, and Chrome has yet to debut on Windows RT, so we have to deal with Internet Explorer 10 for a little while longer.

Some app developers are releasing their software as featured apps on BlueStacks, which bills itself as an alternate Android storefront in some ways. But because it distributes apps from other vendors, it is unlikely the portal would be approved by Microsoft, since Windows RT, like iOS, only allows app downloads through its Microsoft Store. Nevertheless, it seems that BlueStacks solves, or at least bandages, a number of problems Windows RT users are currently suffering.

Via: TechCrunch