Canadians to the CRTC: “GET RID OF THE 36 MONTHS CONTRACT!!!”

The CRTC is seriously considering creating a “national code for wireless services.” This would bring more clarity to wireless contracts and possibly give consumers an easier time dealing with the carriers. They recently opened up a public submission process where Canadians could freely get involved and have their say on what this proposed national code would look like.

In total there were 1043 submissions, both online and offline, and at the list were simplified contrats, unlocked phones, but by far the most “liked” was emphatically for the CRTC to “GET RID OF THE 36 MONTHS CONTRACT!!!.” According to several submissions, Canadians boldly feel that this is a limiting factor in Canadian wireless, “something that is ridiculous.” A roundup of some of the conversations the CRTC is working through reads:

– “36 months contracts are outrageous, it is probably the longest term in the whole world,”
– “All phones should be sold unlocked,”
– “No more 36 month contracts. The US has 24 months!”
– “3 Year Contracts need to stop. There should be no more than 2 years allowed.”
– “Directly address “Retention” deals in the code.”
– “All monthly fees must inclusive of system use, 911, etc, must be included in advertised price.”
– “CRTC please be the good guys here and do the right thing.”
– “I hope this NEW CRTC will listen to our Voices and do something good for Consumers for a change.”

CRTC took to Twitter and thanked everyone who participated in the Wireless Code consultation, plus they noted that we all should “Come back on January 28th to comment on the Draft Code.” This is when they will have an outline of what we can expect the fine details of the proposed code to be.

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Via: CBC & CRTC (list of submissions)