Nike Training Club comes to Android, lets you start your resolutions early

A lot of people are going to be hitting the gym in the first weeks of the new year. Like the perennial changes in seasons, the holidays are a time to eat, feel guilty and start an exercise routine. But if you don’t want to pay all that money for a monthly membership, Nike has given Android users the next best thing: an app.

Called Nike Training Club, it allows users to work out in their homes using a variety of off-the-shelf equipment such as weights, medicine balls or just a soft mat. The free app comes with over 100 pre-populated workouts, which can be added to by earning rewards for, you guessed it, working out. You can listen to audio or watch video demonstration, or just listen to your own music from within the app once you get going.

Note that the first time you open the app it will download nearly 300MB of photos and video; this isn’t optional, so be wary of doing it over a cell network. The app is free, and obviously meant to keep you in Nike’s digital universe, which hopefully leads to buying more Nike products, but even without all the marketing hype it’s still a good resource.

Download Nike Training Club for Android. It is also available for iOS.

Via: Android Police