Pebble E-Paper watch delayed until new year, but final colours are ready for review

Pebble’s E-Paper smartwatch still holds the title as the most successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s a simple idea executed brilliantly, with rich text support for iOS and Android, built with battery life and aesthetics in mind. All smart watches until now have either sacrificed one or the other; they were either too big and bulky to be considered usable on a regular basis, or they were created with energy-sucking LCDs that required daily charging.

Using E-Ink for its display, the watch has entered the last of its pre-production phases. Final colours have been selected, including a grey version that was added after the funding ended. And while the team won’t be able to get the watches out before Christmas, they are finalizing every detail to ensure that they work, en masse, as promised. The team announced over the weekend that they’ve integrated iMessage and SMS notifications with iPhones running iOS 6, comfort for the main demographic who put so much money into the project in the first place.

The Pebble may be taking its time to come to market, but one must remember that many of the individuals behind these projects don’t know a shred about large-scale manufacturing, production and distribution of electronics. The small team behind the watch seems to be making progress in the areas that count — quality and features — and will come to market with a better product as a result.

Now the only question is, which colour should you get?

Source: Pebble