Samsung says we should “get ready” as “something new” will be announced at CES 2013

CES 2013 is coming up fast – it’s happening January 8th-11th and we’ll be there to cover all the goodness. This is when some manufacturers unveil their newest flagship devices. Samsung has started the teasing really early this year and stated we should “get ready” as “something new” is coming. That’s not surprising at all.

However, a short 18 second video has been created that has a hint of a Galaxy related theme, but we probably won’t see the Galaxy S IV announced at CES. There’s a flurry of words that come at you: innovation, ideas, design, technology, dreams, wonder, the future. Looks like Samsung is getting ready to shake things up. Of course, this might not even be mobile related. Video below.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow
Via: Android Central