Samsung shows off part two of its GS3 Premium Suite (video)

Samsung is packing a lot of stuff into its Premium Suite upgrade for the Galaxy S III — enough to separate the feature list into two YouTube videos. Kidding aside, the update to Android 4.1.2 looks to be quite expansive, as beyond the features extolled in part one, users will be able to take advantage of Best Face and Low Light Mode in the new camera app, among others.

Then there’s an Easy Mode for novice Android users looking to take the slow learning curve — large, pre-populated widgets and such —  and more robust Accessibility settings for the hearing- or visually impaired. Samsung is also introducing a Sound Balance feature for users looking to adjust headphones on an per-ear basis. Lastly, the GS3 is getting the S Pen-optimized app Paper Artist from the Note II.

In fact, all of these Premium Suite features debuted on the Galaxy Note II, and it’s nice to see Samsung continuing to support its aging products with new features. Now, if we only knew when this update was coming to Canada…

Source: Samsung Tomorrow