Video: RIM gives another glimpse of how the BlackBerry 10 keyboard will operate

47 days and counting until January 30th… the epic day RIM will officially unveil BlackBerry 10. RIM previously demoed that the virtual keyboard on BB10 learns your actions and has predictive options that allow you to ‘flick’ the word up to your message, essentially saving you time. A new video has been released that shows the keyboard in action once again. RIM highlights “Space Inference” – a feature that will automatically include a space into your message if you forget it. So lets say you’re typing “January30thcantcomesoon enough,” BB10 will automatically change it to “January 30th can’t come soon enough.” In addition, RIM seems to be continuing their iconic keyboard design and including the familiar ‘frets’ that separate the rows.

Source: YouTube
Via: BerryReview