Top Canadian stories from the past week, plus other news from around the web

This past week saw the world be right once again as Google Maps officially came to iOS. In addition, new rate plans, a couple court battles, plus new device launches. In addition, the last seven days saw RIM launch BBM Voice and have their upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS SDK go gold. Below are the top Canadian mobile stories from the past week, plus notable news from around the web.

– Samsung Galaxy S III coming to Fido for $550 [Read here]
– Rogers now expecting Jelly Bean upgrade in January [Read here]
– Google launches Maps for iOS [Read here]
– Sony Xperia ion now available at WIND [Read here]
– BlackBerry 10 L-Series device captured on video in five minute overview [Read here]
– Bell and TELUS expand LTE coverage into various locations [Read here]
– BBM 7 now available to download [Read here]
– WIND hints at launching a Windows Phone 8 device [Read here]
– Vouchr for iPhone: put your money where your favourite stuff is [Read here]
– Canadians to the CRTC: “GET RID OF THE 36 MONTHS CONTRACT!!!” [Read here]
– TELUS to launch new International roaming packages next week [Read here]
– Samsung ATIV S now available in Canada [Read here]
– TELUS goes after Mobilicity in court, says their ads are “false and misleading” [Read here]
– One step closer… BlackBerry 10 Gold SDK released [Read here]
– MTS goes after Bell one more time [Read here]
– HTC 8S sold out at Virgin Mobile [Read here]
– Canadians receiving notifications that the Nexus 4 is shipping again! [Read here]
– Cast your Vote: 2012 MobileSyrup Awards! [Enter here]
– Contest: 20 Days of Device Giveaways [Enter here]

Around the web:
– Resize a Nokia Lumia to juggernaut proportions and it might look something like this [Engadget]
– iPhone 5 launches in mainland China and Taiwan today, lines show up as usual [Engadget]
– Whatsapp confirms they will not be supporting BlackBerry 10 [CrackBerry]
– Ray Kurzweil joins Google as Director of Engineering [AndroidAuthority]