Nokia releasing Lumia 920 update this month to fix camera softness

Nokia’s Lumia 920 has a lot of things going for it, but it was surprising — and disappointing — to discover that its highly-touted image-stabilized camera produces fuzzy, soft photos when shooting in daylight.

The Finnish company has heard our laments and plans to release a small update to fix the issue, in addition to a few other problems such as random restarts, in an OTA patch this month. According to sources, Nokia has already been widely testing the update, and Engadget has received a sample of images comparing a device running shipping software with one running the newer PR1.1 .

The update will also bring a few enhancements we told you about in last week’s 8X update: LTE optimizations, decline-with-SMS additions and more. Some of these improvements will be for the entire ecosystem; others will be Nokia-specific, and we’ll see them roll into newer devices when they’re released.

No word on exactly when Canadians will start seeing the update, but Nokia’s U.S. Twitter account promised it by the end of the month.

Source: Twitter
Via: Engadget