Nokia and RIM sign patent license agreement

If you remember last month it was revealed that RIM infringed on Nokia’s patents that consisted of “standards-essential cellular patents” that assisted a device to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Nokia was seeking damages and a halt of current and future BlackBerry 10 sales. Today, in a press release, it was announced that both companies have found common ground and reached an patent license agreement. The terms were not disclosed, but Nokia will receive an unknown one-time payment plus on-going payments from RIM.

“The agreement will result in settlement of all existing patent litigation between the companies and withdrawal of pending actions in the US, UK and Canada related to a recent arbitration tribunal decision.”

Now RIM can focus on bringing BlackBerry 10 to market, plus the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones – which was potentially revealed yesterday as the BlackBerry Z10.

Source: MarketWire
Via: WSJ