Tapatalk HD Beta released for Android tablets, get your forum fix while it’s free

Tapatalk has long been the preferred forum app of choice for Android users. Not only does the company provide its own app, but it creates custom versions for popular forums like XDA-Developers.

Over the Christmas break, the team released its first public beta for Android tablet users, furthering a trend we’ve seen in the past few weeks with tablet apps.

When venturing into the meat of a forum — a thread, for instance — the category list will shift over to the left, allowing for easy navigation between threads. The app is a little bit slow and clunky right now — it could use some slick animations to denote transitions between content — but it’s a good first step, and will be well appreciated by Android tablet users.

If you want to get a taste before the app goes paid, which it will do by early January say the developers, download Tapatalk HD Beta for Android tablets.

Source: Tapatalk HD Beta
Via: Android Police