Most popular stories of 2012

Today – December 31st – marks the last day of 2012. This year we saw the mobile industry in Canada escalate to new levels from all angles: carriers, manufacturers, developers and retailers. The industry, according to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, is on the rise and “is set to exceed 100 per cent in just the next few years.” It’s never been easier for Canadians to access and share information. Within seconds and at the touch of our device – smartphone or tablet – we can immediately find out our bank balance, check emails, weather, sports, surf the web, play games, edit docs, upload videos and share the experience via a desired social network.

This year we saw the rise of Android and the slight decline of BlackBerry. We saw Microsoft introduce Windows 8 and RIM tease the world with BlackBerry 10. Samsung released two flagship devices, the Galaxy S III and the Note II. Both of these helped them increase their market share to become the world’s top mobile manufacturer. Apple launched the iPhone 5 with a bigger display, then after a debacle with their maps app, decided it was time to let a couple key execs go.

Our Canadian carriers continued to battle over monthly price plans and who had the fastest and largest LTE network. Rogers is still the leader when it comes to subscriber numbers, Bell and TELUS followed. The newer carriers extended their coverage and offerings, but are still having a challenge signing up customers. There’s no official word on the subs of Mobilicity or Public, but WIND Mobile has over 500,000 subscribers and will probably hit the 600k by the end of the year. Canadians are talking less, texting and consuming more data. We can thank Gangnam Style for that.

Below are some of the most popular mobile stories of 2012. It’s a mix of hot news, device launches and reviews:

– RIM co-CEO’s step down, Thorsten Heins steps in [Read here]
– Galaxy Nexus launches in Canada [Read here]
– “We just got Samsunged” [Read here]
– RIM unveiling BlackBerry 10 on January 30th in Toronto [Read here]
– Google Nexus 4 Review (Video) [Read here]
– iPhone 5 Review (Video) [Read here]
– HTC Windows Phone S Review [Read here]
– HTC One X+ Review (Video) [Read here]
– Hands-on with the HTC 8X and 8S (video) [Read here]
– iPhone 5 is now available in Canada! [Read here]
– Video: Samsung’s new ad says the iPhone 5 is for your mom and dad [Read here]
– LG Optimus G Review (TELUS & Rogers) [Read here]
– Microsoft Surface RT tablet review [Read here]
– Samsung Galaxy Note II Review [Read here]
– Sony Xperia T Review [Read here]
– HTC Windows Phone 8X Review [Read here]
– Bell Motorola ATRIX HD LTE Review (Video) [Read here]
– Samsung has to pay $1,051,855,000 in damages to Apple for patent infringement [Read here]
– The day RIM got real: We preview two upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices [Read here]
– Hands-on with BlackBerry 10 keyboard and homescreen (video) [Read here]
– Rogers aims to bring LTE to 20 million Canadians “by the end of 2012″ [Read here]
– TELUS’ LTE network is now live [Read here]
– Sony Xperia ion review (video) [Read here]
– Samsung Galaxy S III didn’t explode, it was caused by an “external energy source” [Read here]
– Samsung Galaxy S III Review [Read here]
– CLEARNET, once again, decides to stop activating new clients [Read here]
– Google completes acquisition of Motorola Mobility [Read here]
– RIM officially launches BlackBerry 10 platform (Video) [Read here]
– Bell’s Push-to-talk network now live [Read here]
– WIND wins Supreme Court foreign ownership battle against Public [Read here]
– Rogers Sony Xperia S hands-on [Read here]
– “Solo Mobile will no longer be activating new customers” [Read here]
– Apple iPad (2012) Review [Read here]
– Ottawa: 700MHz auction will start first half 2013 [Read here]

As for what to expect in 2013, here are some thoughts:
– The rise of RIM’s BlackBerry 10
– Mobile banking adoption increases
– Canadians will become more comfortable with their smartphone becoming a “mobile wallet”
– Manufacturers will focus on features rather than specs
– Manufacturers will work on improving device battery life
– 700Mhz spectrum auction will increase competition in Canada
– Carrier consolidation will happen in 2013 (Wind, Mobilicity, Public)
– CRTC will hopefully rid the 3-year contract (BIG dream)