iPhone 6, not 5S, to follow last year’s model, according to developer logs

We’re sorry in advance for causing any disturbances in the Force but on this, the second day of 2013, we’re already talking about the next iPhone. Forget for a moment that the iPhone 5 debuted in September, just over three months ago, and that we haven’t even heard how many millions of devices Apple sold during the holiday season, but sales are only half of the game when it comes to Cupertino. The company invariably uses Rumour, with a capital R, to its advantage in the months between releases. Whether these leaks are from official sources or not makes little difference — though it is interesting that a few publications such as the Wall Street Journal gain access earlier than most — because once they’re out there, energy builds on its own.

Today’s rumour comes from developer logs claiming that a device known as ‘iPhone 6,1’ is being tested from IP addresses that point to Apple’s Cupertino campus. For the record, the iPhone 5 is known to developers as ‘iPhone 5,1’ and ‘iPhone 5,2’ depending on the make and model so it would seem fair to assume that the newer logs are pointing to an unreleased device. While it’s possible that the phone will be released as the iPhone 5S, as Apple has traditionally used “off” years as iterative upgrades with little visual overhaul, the company could have found ways to improve the oft-criticized manufacturing iPhone 5 build quality. The device, due to its aluminum build, is prone to chipping and scratches, necessitating the use of a protective case in many situations.

The developer logs also point to early builds of iOS 7, which seems likely since the company will probably introduce a new version of its mobile operating system at WWDC in June. Other than the points to new devices and software, however, there is no other news, which is exactly what Apple wants.

Source: TheNextWeb