SwiftKey Flow gets new features and bug fixes in latest update

SwiftKey Flow has been updated to version, fixing a number of issues with the initial release.

The excellent glide-and-swipe keyboard, which competes with Swype and Android 4.2’s native keypad, has grown a lot since its release a month ago. While the changelog is lengthy, the main issue I had with the first version has been fixed: previously, when the last word in a series was not recognized, it would delete the entire sequence of words, an extremely frustrating occurrence.

Memory usage has also been improved, though the team still thinks it is “higher than we would like.” There is one significant issue facing CyanogenMOD users: the beautiful purple trail is very light and barely shows up on my Nexus 4 running CM10.1.

Nevertheless, this is a huge update to an important and useful keyboard. Check out the entire changelog on Swiftkey’s blog.

Download SwiftKey Flow for Android phones and tablets.