Alcatel introduces Idol, Idol Ultra and Scribe smartphones, claims the title of world’s thinnest (for now)

Alcatel, a name we don't often see associated with fast specs and wide distribution, is throwing its hand into the mid- and high-end Android range today with the launch of the Idol, Idol Ultra and Scribe smartphones.

The Idol and Idol Ultra sport 4.7-inch displays, though the former has a non-HD IPS display (presumably QHD resolution) while the latter has a HD Super AMOLED display. Both include a 1.2Ghz dual-core CPU, 8MP back shooters and 2MP front shooters, and launch with Jelly Bean, though the version number is not currently available.

The Idol Ultra claims the title, at least for now, as the world's thinnest smartphone, at 6.45mm. We're guessing that boast won't stay for long, but it's a tremendous achievement all the same. No word on whether the device has a smaller-than-desired battery but we'd put it in the 1800-2000mAh if we had to guess.

Possibly the most interesting addition to Alcatel's lineup is the 5-inch Scribe, which launches with an HD display of unknown resolution, though we'd assume it would be 1080p like much of the competition. It will sport a quad-core MediaTek processor, but otherwise remains equal with its Idol cousins.

No word on whether these phones are coming to Canada, but you can bet that a discount carrier like WIND or Mobilicity will jump at the chance to offer these devices, especially the Scribe or Idol Ultra, at a scrumptious price.

Source: Android Central