Swype for Android updated with crowdsourced “living language” support, better predictions

Swype has continued its quest for Android dominance by releasing version 1.4 of its excellent keyboard replacement today.

The main feature addition is something called Living Language, an opt-in service which will sync crowdsourced dictionary items, words among Swype users that are most commonly used. The idea is an extension of its latest release, where Swype would add what it thought to be the most commonly used words in specific languages.

The new beta also comes with Smart Editor, the equivalent of acting on those green squiggly lines in Microsoft Word. The app analyzes not only the spelling of individual words, but the grammar and context of the sentence as a whole and makes corrections to it.

Lastly, Swype can now be installed without registering at beta.swype.com, though you will have to visit the site on your Android device to initiate the download.

Source: Swype
Via: Android Central