Video: Gorilla Glass 3 takes on a steel ball

Gorilla Glass is strong, still breakable, but strong. Now in it’s third generation and on more that a billion devices worldwide, Corning has announced Gorilla Glass 3.

At CES 2013 I stopped by their booth for a quick demo of this in action as it’s reportedly three times stronger, has “Native Damage Resistance” which offers a 40% reduction in the number of scratches that you’ll be able to see. As you’ll see in the video GG3 takes on a 135 gram steel ball a couple times, then survives a serious amount of pressure. It would be cool if they created the same glass display experience on the front of the device to the back of the device – think how indestructible the Nexus 4 would be.

David Velasquez, Corning’s Director of Marketing and Commercial Operations, stated they are currently testing Gorilla Glass 3 with manufacturers and will be in-market sometime mid-2013. Finally, I asked about their flexible “Willow Glass” product and this is also in testing with unknown partners, but not yet scheduled to be available for some time.