Hands-on with LG’s Smart Activity Tracker (Video)

Fitness is big business and LG is potentially looking to cash in on it. Looking incredibly similar to the Nike Fit Band is the “Smart Activity Tracker.” It’s a bracelet that will come in a few colours – blue, orange, purple, black – and has a curved comfort band on the inside.

The device connects to an app called “Fitness Fan” on your smartphone/SmartTV and is compatible with Android and iOS. The touchscreen display itself tracks all your movements (walking, dancing, jogging) and keeps track of your calories, distance and time you’ve travelled, plus your speed. In addition, the Smart Activity Tracker syncs with your phone to show your missed calls, texts and can also be your media player as you can view or change the songs your listening to. The Smart Activity Tracker charges by USB and lasts for 3 days.

This is still in prototype stage and has a possible release sometime this Summer, but was on display at CES 2013. No word yet on the price.