Video: Hands-on with the iPhone physical keyboard case “Spike”

Some, not many, complain that typing on the iPhone is challenging. These people state the display is too small, the keys are too close together, and that learning to type on a touchscreen keyboard is too time consuming and they prefer to stick with a physical keyboard. These are most likely BlackBerry users, but Solo Matrix attempting to solve this problem with their TypeSmart physical keyboard case called “Spike.”

“Spike” is a Kickstarter project (see here) that has received full funding and is expected to be available within the next few weeks. There’s a couple versions in production, one for the iPhone 4/4S and the other for the iPhone 5. The design of the keyboard looks incredibly similar to a BlackBerry keyboard and also has the same feel. It’s tucked away nicely in the back, then swivels on top of the iPhone when you want to use it for email/texting/notes. The case is made out of polyurethane and will add a bit of weight – plus clutter the design – of your iPhone, but will get the job done and is responsive.

As for the future, Spike will be heading towards tablets and will make a huge physical keyboard for the iPad. In addition, Samsung’s Galaxy S III users might eventually see Spike on their device. The price of the iPhone 4 and 4S will be between $40 – $50 and available sometime in February, iPhone 5 will follow at some unknown date. Video below.