Google launches Chrome beta channel for Android phones and tablets

As promised, Google has launched its beta channel for Chrome on Android, promising speed improvements, better standards support and, inevitably, bugs.

The company posted a blog post citing massive increases to Javascript performance, better HTML5 integration and, hopefully, smoother scrolling on tablets like the Nexus 10.

Chrome for Android now benefits from all the speed, security and other improvements that have been landing on Chrome’s other platforms. For example, in today’s Beta update we have improved the Octane performance benchmark on average by 25-30%. In addition, this update includes interesting HTML5 features for developers such as CSS Filters. This is just one step of many towards bringing beautiful experiences to the mobile web.

It looks like this beta version is running the same source code as the current desktop beta: 25.0.1364.8.

To access Google Chrome Beta for Android, follow the link to the Play Store on your device or desktop; there is no way to search for it.

Source: Google
Via: TheNextWeb