Promo materials for the BlackBerry Z10 show up online, plus a quick video demo of BBM Video

Some of the first promotional material for the upcoming BlackBerry Z10, which we believe the final name to be, has emerged online. It shows off many of RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 features, including the unannounced but highly-suspected BBM Video, which looks an awful lot like FaceTime.

RapidBerry also got its hands on photos of the white and black versions of the upcoming device, and these high-quality stills really show the thoughtful design of the phone and the interesting UI design. These device images are clearly quite old, though, as the app icons are placed in the old, boxy wrapping that has since been updated. The Twitter icon uses the deprecated design, and BlackBerry World is still called App World, though it is cited correctly in the slide headline. These were likely slides shown to carriers or partners.

Each of the nine slides show off a different aspect of the BlackBerry 10 interface like the Browser, Calendar, Hub, Camera (with Time Shift) and, of course, BlackBerry World. As we get closer to January 30th, more of these glimpses into BlackBerry 10 will probably get out, and we can’t wait to see the finished result.

Source: RapidBerry