Rdio for Android updated with custom music storage locations

Rdio for Android has been updated with some nice features that will sure to appease long-time users of the app.

In November the digital streaming company reworked its app for Android and iOS to utilize the same clean, minimal design ethic as its desktop version. Since then, things have been relatively quiet on the update front as Rdio has tweaked and optimized its apps across both platforms.

A recent Android release brought a new player UI, improved transitions between off- and online modes and, after many such requests, custom storage locations for users with microSD cards. The company says that, by default, music will be stored on the external SD card as long as it was inserted to the device before the first login. But, in some cases, the external card may not be detected and offline storage will burden the often-small internal ROM.

In this case, users must do the following:

To manually specify the path for offline (Synced) storage:
– Go to settings > Sign Out (you will have to re-login and re-sync your music after doing this).
– At the login screen there will be an SD card icon in the upper right corner.
– Select “Custom” from options presented.
– Enter the absolute path of the storage directory for your device (the path must start with / ). For example, the Samsung Galaxy SII has an SD card path of /mnt/sdcard/external_sd (you may need to do a Google search for the actual path on your device, the path may vary from device to device).

If you’re an avid Rdio fan, make sure to download the latest update for Android here .