Flipboard for Android updated with Daydream support

Flipboard for Android has been updated at a decent clip recently, and its most recent overhaul brings a nice new feature that only Android 4.2 users can take advantage of.

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean introduced something called “Daydream,” where the phone or tablet goes into a sort of screensaver mode when docked or charged. This keeps the screen on and allows for a number of apps, either first- or third-party, to interact with the OS. For example, Google allows a simple clock widget to bounce around the screen, while apps like Beautiful Widgets and StumbleUpon have taken advantage of the mode to show rotating bits of photo and text.

Flipboard’s Daydream mode shows off news covers, gorgeous HD images with text overlaid. It’s a small but important feature that differentiates the Android version from its iOS counterpart, and grants those few Android 4.2 users a chance to take advantage of their shiny new devices.

Download Flipboard for Android.
Via: Android Police