Google Chrome beta for Android receives first update, fixes some performance hiccups

Google Chrome beta for Android was released just five days ago, but it has already received its first update in what looks to be a coming trend. The desktop beta and developer channels receive weekly updates and Google is unlikely to slow down its improvement schedule for mobile, especially since both versions share a significant proportion of code.

These bug fixes are mainly about interaction with specific websites, but there are some overarching performance improvements on some devices. These are also a number of outstanding bugs to contend with, including poor performance on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S. And while the beta version did decrease the propensity for crashing on the Nexus 10, it didn’t eliminate it altogether. Hopefully this will be addressed in the coming weeks.

If you’ve already downloaded the Chrome beta via the non-searchable Play Store link, you’ll see an update available for you today. If not, head to this link and get downloading. Chrome beta, like its sibling, is available for Android 4.0+ devices only.

Via: Chrome Releases