LastPass Mobile gets Windows Phone 8 support in latest update

If it was’t for LastPass, I’d never be able to use the Internet. See, I store all my passwords as (hopefully) uncrackable garble, randomly-generated letters, numbers and symbols stored in an encrypted database. After rising in popularity as a browser extension, LastPass has expanded its secure-password reach to mobile devices, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The latest update for Windows Phone introduces WP8 support and an attractive new design. Because of Windows Phone’s sandboxing restrictions, LastPass comes with an internal browser based on Microsoft’s new IE10 infrastructure, and a Favourites feature which allows users to sort most-used sites for easy access.

A subscription runs $12/year, which is decidedly cheaper than some of its competition, and it’s a fantastic service that everyone should consider using.

Download LastPass for Windows Phone.
Via: Engadget