Rogers employees start BlackBerry 10 training, presentation reveals BBM Video

Rogers employees have started training on BlackBerry 10, which means a launch in imminent. This is no surprise as RIM will be unveiling their new OS and a couple new devices on January 30th, plus Rogers went live with online registrations of the all-touch BB10 device a few weeks ago.

In total there’s a 37-page presentation on everything BlackBerry 10, specifically noting the browser, how “crazy multitaskers” can get things done and that “BlackBerry 10 is for people who want to be successful.” In addition, one of the slides shows that there’ll be “approximately 70,000 apps” and 29,000 songs at launch. Finally, some specs have been confirmed: the display will have a 336 PPI, all-touch device will have a Qualcomm S4 processor, 1800 mAh battery and that BBM Video is coming. Check it out below.

Source: CrackBerry