No black Galaxy Note II is coming, but stay tuned for Amber Brown and Ruby Wine


Remember that black Galaxy Note II, the one we were so excited about? It was a fake, a render, a disappointment. But there is hope.

Samsung has announced two new colours of the Galaxy Note II, Amber Brown and Ruby Wine, which will be hitting Asian markets in the coming months. They’re a little more ornate than the aforementioned render, but they also stand to appeal to a wider audience.

The existing lineup, which includes white and slate grey, has been available since the phone’s release last year, but Samsung has traditionally waited several months between variants, hoping to appeal to the wait-and-see crowd. They did the same with the Garnett Red Galaxy S III, which became available on Bell and TELUS last year. Since the company has unified its phone designs across carriers, it seems that introducing new colours is the only way to gain traction with undecided consumers after launch — that and lowering the cost of the phone.

No word on whether Canadian carriers will be picking up these two new colours, but we’d love to see the red one introduced. You know, for a touch of patriotism.

Via: Android Community