Watch this Xperia Z being built from scratch in five minutes

Sony’s press conference during CES was an impressive combination of light, sound, engineering and bravado. Before Kazuo Hirai hit the stage, the company demonstrated three of its engineers building its new products from scratch. It was a humbling and fascinating glimpse into an art that has been largely relegated to factory lines and quantity, not quality.

That video has been released to YouTube, and it’s a great way to see just how many separate components go into a device that’s less than 10mm thick.

Sony also posted a few videos outlining the various advantages of its new Xperia Z and ZL flagship. This includes a gapless, super-bright screen, waterproofing, an intelligent battery with exceptional standby time and a sharp 13MP camera.

What do you think? Does this make the Xperia Z more desirable?

Source: YouTube
Via: Engadget