Sony Xperia Z and ZL to receive Android 4.2 “shortly after launch”


Here we go again. Because the Xperia Z and ZL are launching in Q1 with Android 4.1, the company has gone on the offensive, promising an update to OS 4.2 Jelly Bean “shortly after launch.”

While it’s great that Sony is promising quick action on the update front, especially since if they do follow through with it in good time it will be one of the first non-Nexus devices to run Google’s newest OS, we’re left wondering whether the whole thing is lip service to a very small group of users and journalists.

When the Xperia T was released in November, Sony promised a quick update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It’s been nearly two months since that time and we’re still using Android 4.0.4 on the admittedly great device. While it could be a carrier hold up — Rogers has pushed back the launch of Jelly Bean until mid-February — it’s always a little frustrating to hear promises that may not be kept. We’ve already seen a beta version of Jelly Bean for the Xperia T, and Android 4.2 isn’t quite the jump that 4.1 was from 4.0, so we’re remaining hopeful in this particular situation.

Regardless of software version, though, we’re excited to test the Xperia ZL when it arrives in the next couple of months.

Source: Sony Mobile
Via: AndroidCentral