Video: Samsung takes aim at BlackBerry in latest “Unicorn Apocalypse” ad

Samsung’s advertising campaigns have been working. Its ad agency cleverly created the “The Next Big Thing is Here” spot with the Galaxy S II, poking fun at all the Apple enthusiasts waiting in line for the next iPhone. They followed this up with a Galaxy S III ad of the same nature, but then added a jab to the stomach by stating the Apple device is for your mom and dad.

It seems that Samsung is going on the offence, taking aim at RIM’s BlackBerry devices and services, mainly the security features and the ability to use any smartphone at work running under Samsung’s SAFE protocols. SAFE is Samsung’s play for the Enterprise, bringing high-level encryption, Microsoft ActiveSync support, enhanced VPN capabilities and multiple vendor profiles so your Galaxy device is compatible with most MDM deployments.

Could Samsung be feeling the heat of BlackBerry 10? According to their site, the The Next Big Thing For Business is already here. “Unicorn Apocalypse” is worth a couple minutes of your day.

Source: YouTube
Via: TechCrunch