New Personal plan nets you Office for one PC and tablet at $69/year

Office for iPad

While it was clear after one week of availability that many people were interested in downloading Office for iPad, it was also clear from our comments section that few were willing to pay the price for full functionality. To get anything more than read and presentation support, users also must have an Office 365 subscription, which costs $99/year, which provides access for up to 5 tablets and 5 Macs/PCs.

Microsoft has now updated their pricing options with a new Personal Plan. The Personal Office 365 subscription costs $69/year (or $6.99/month) and provides access for only one Mac/PC and one tablet. Subscribers also receive 20 GB of OneDrive online storage and 60 minutes of Skype credit per month.

Let us know if the revised Office 365 pricing is enough to convince you to sign up.