Android 4.4.3 changelog reveals ‘Flounder’ as potential new HTC Nexus tablet

HTC has been rumoured to return to Google’s Nexus lineup with the Nexus 8. Digitimes previously reported that Google is looking to switch away from ASUS for the Nexus tablet program.

A changelog for Android 4.4.3 hit AOSP (Android Open Source Project) yesterday, bringing further evidence that HTC is back in Google’s good books for a future Nexus device. Deep within the code is “project device/htc/flounder/,” which clearly reveals HTC as a partner and “Flounder” as a codename for an upcoming device. Google has a tendency to name Nexus devices after sea creatues; for example the original Galaxy Nexus was ‘Tuna’, the Nexus 4 was ‘Mako’, and the Nexus 5 was ‘Hammerhead.’

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 12.05.18 PM

As for specs, the Nexus 8 could end up being an 8.9-inch tablet and officially be unveiled at Google I/O in June.

Source: Android Police
Via: Myce