Parrot’s FreeFlight 3 app now available for iOS and Android just in time for new MiniDrones

Parrot is on its way to releasing two MiniDrones in Canada over the next few weeks — smaller, cheaper and more acrobatic alternatives to the company’s popular AR.Drone 2.0 quadricopter.

In the run-up to the release of the rolling-flying hybrid Rolling Spider and versatile high-Jumping Sumo, the company has released a new controller app, FreeFlight 3, for iOS and Android.

The app allows both drones to perform a variety of tricks, some of which are accessible with a single action tap, while others can be combined to create a macro. Both drones have cameras, too, with the Spider capable of taking low-resolution photos and the Sumo able to capture both HD photos and video.

The Rolling Spider will retail for $119.99, while the Jumping Sumo will cost $179.99 when they debut in August.

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