HTC offers peek at smartwatch in design video

The summer of Android Wear is well underway. Having teased the platform in the spring, Google in June introduced us to two new Android smartwatches, the LG G Watch, and Samsung’s Gear Live. August will bring us another device, the Moto 360, and it looks like HTC is looking to build anticipation for its own Android Wear watch.

The company recently posted a behind the scenes look at HTC design to the official HTC YouTube channel. However, it’s only now that the video is garnering attention. For the most part, the clip is of little interest. It’s just HTC waxing lyrical about its commitment to exceptional design for free thinkers. But all is not as it seems.

The eagle-eyed folks over at HTC Source spotted a smartwatch on the desk of one HTC employee in the video. The scene in question shows a smartwatch sitting in what looks like a docking station or stand while an HTC designer works on his computer. Though the shot is blurry, it doesn’t look like HTC is making any major leaps in terms of design, if in fact it is their upcoming Android Wear smarwatch. It’s the same square, black and/or grey design we’ve seen from every other OEM bar Motorola. Lovely.

Check the video for yourself below:

[source]HTC Source[/source][via]SlashGear[/via]