OnePlus One gets Bamboo treatment with new $49 StyleSwap cover

Launched in April, the OnePlus One still isn’t publicly available to buy. Instead, you have to snag a coveted invitation from the company itself. Despite this, OnePlus is already preparing for a day when the OnePlus One is so widely available, users want to differentiate their own unit from the sea of OnePlus Ones in the wild.

OnePlus today announced the first StyleSwap cover for its flagship phone. As with all things OnePlus One, the company is talking up the cover well before it will actually be available. The bamboo cover will hit the market at the end of August priced at $49 US or €39.


Users can also look forward to an additional two covers, Silk White and Sandstone Black, which will be a bit cheaper at a later date. These will be priced at $29, the regular price for StyleSwap covers. The Bamboo is described as a ’special StyleSwap,’ which we assume means there will be more premium covers down the line. Each Bamboo has its own unique grain and is unlike any other unit.



  • Jane McEntegart

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