Google announces new Explore feature for Google Maps

Google is really spoiling Maps users this month. Just last week, an update to Google Maps added the ability to view elevation when planning cycling routes and the ability to ask questions during Navigation. Now, Google is introducing (via server-side switch) a new feature for iOS and Android users that will help you discover new and exciting things to do wherever you are.

Explore is a button that pops up on the bottom right of your map and will help you find nearby points of interest, places to eat, and things to do based on your location, the weather, how far you’re willing to go, and the time of day. You can toggle these settings if you’re looking for a recommendation for another time or for restaurants in another place entirely.

It’s also capable of giving you more information about your destination once you arrive, offering up reviews, recommendations, and insights with a simple tap of the ‘My Location’ button. You can then improve the accuracy of Explore and its recommendations by confirming the places you’ve visited. For example, we imagine Google will eventually stop recommending bars if you never seem to go to any of them when they’re thrown at you in Explore.

Google Maps Product Manager d today that this new feature works best if you’re signed in and have location reporting and history switched on. It’s all about the data, folks.