LG announces plans to standarize LG G3 UX across all mid- and entry-level smartphones

LG, like most Android device manufacturers, has spent years perfecting its own custom UX. With the LG G3, the company has finally nailed it. At least, that’s what LG seems to think, because it’s now going to be implementing that same UX across all of its mid-range and entry-level devices.

This morning, LG sent out a press release announcing its intentions to deploy the LG G3 UX across most of its mid-range and entry-level devices released in the second half of this year. The move is part of LG’s plans to create a unified and consistent experience across much of its device portfolio. It’s good news especially for the company’s lower end devices, which will no doubt benefit a lot from a shared UX that places them closer to the flagship in terms of software and custom apps.

With the G3, LG introduced a new UX complete with custom camera application and a smart keyboard that aims to reduce mistakes while typing. The company claims a 75 percent reduction in errors and the smart keyboard is something we called out in our review as being one of the best OEM keyboards out there, even if it is a bit laggy (you can read the full review here).



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