Samsung teases Galaxy Note 4’s focus on handwriting and the S Pen

One of the key differences between Samsung’s Galaxy Note line and its flagship Galaxy S smartphone has always been the stylus. Introduced with the first generation Note, the S Pen has made an appearance in every generation of Note since, so it should come as no surprise that Samsung plans to include the S Pen in the Note 4.

This morning, the South Korean electronics manufacturer released a video extolling the beauty and importance of handwriting. Samsung says that as handwriting is being forgotten, the S Pen reminds us ‘how much handwriting means to us.’ The video doesn’t give away any specifics, but asks viewers if they’re ‘ready to take note’ on September 3. No doubt the evolution of S Pen will continue with the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung changed the S Pen functionality with the Note 3, making it more comfortable in the hand and beefing up the software support with Air Command. Air Command is an S Pen menu that pops up when you remove the stylus from its holster and offers direct access to Action Memos, Screen Write, and Pen Window, and other S Pen-supported features. We also got a revamped S Note app that syncs with Evernote and the phone itself contains a more responsive Wacom digitizer.

Samsung is doing all it can to make S Pen use more natural and intuitive and it’s come a long way since the original Note. Certainly, we found ourselves using the S Pen more with the Note 3 than previous generations. Perhaps the Note 4 will finally see the S Pen become the hero feature Samsung wants it to be.