Samsung makes the curved Gear S more fashionable with Swarovski crystals

Samsung recently announced the 3G-connected Gear S smartwatch. One of the Tizen-powered smartwatch’s notable attributes is its curved 2-inch Super AMOLED display, which looks more like a bracelet than the typical bulky, square smartwatches we normally see from the manufacturer.

The strap on the Gear S is interchangeable and it now looks that Samsung is attempting to bridge the tech into being a fashion accessory and possibly reach a female audience with the “Swarovski for Samsung” collection.

The custom Swarovski Gear S Strap features Swarovski’s new “Crystal Fine Mesh” product that embeds crystals right onto the strap to “perfectly complement the chic, curved design of the Gear S.” Samsung says this glitter will be available in October and the price for such luxury is not listed.

If you’re not a fan of this Swarovski crystallized smartwatch, then hold out a few weeks as the “Swarovski for Samsung collection will further expand with back covers for Samsung’s next flagship device.” Enter the Note 4.

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