KitKat increases to 1/4 of devices as Android L release nears

Google has updated its monthly chart showing the distribution various Android versions. Mainly for the developer community, it reveals the percentage of devices that check into the Google Play Store over the past week.

The latest iteration of Android has once again increased at the expense of Jelly Bean, with 24.5% of devices. Jelly Bean is down slightly to 53.8%, with Android 4.1 the single most-used version at 25.1%. Ice Cream Sandwich still has just under 10%, while Gingerbread falls over 2% over last month to 11.4%. Ancient Froyo — it must be stale now — holds on at 0.7% of devices.

It’s good to see Jelly Bean and KitKat totalling nearly 80%, because it allows developers to optimize their apps for newer versions. Still, KitKat sitting at under 25% right before the release of Android L speaks to the still-fragmented nature of Android as a platform.

Android OS penetration September 2014

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