Oppo teases the N3 launch as leaked photos show updated rotating camera design

Oppo has yet to give us an Oppo N2 (they technically never gave us Canadians the N1, either) but it looks like the company might be skipping it altogether, similar to how it jumped right from the Find 5 to the Find 7.

Oppo updated its Facebook page this past weekend with a teaser for the N3. The image shows a graphic depicting major landmarks in cities around the world along with the tagline, “One More Step. N3. Designed for Life.” The picture also carries Oppo branding, and reveals the N3 event will be held in Singapore in October. The picture itself is captioned, ‘One More Step. One more month.”


We don’t know a lot about the N3, but rumours suggest Oppo will keep the same rotating camera concept we saw with the N1. Renders that have appeared online show a much thinner device with a rounded top, similar to a flip notebook with spiral binding. No word on what’s inside, though we hear the camera will be of a higher resolution than the N3’s predecessor, itself a pretty great shooter.

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