Belkin brings its WeMo Smart LED lightbulbs to Canada

Belkin has added yet another thing to the Internet of Things with its WeMo Smart LED Bulb today.

Coming to Best Buy and Future Shop this weekend for C$99.99 as a Starter Set and C$39.99 for individual bulbs, the LED lights lack the colour hues of more expensive solutions from Philips and GE, but offer the equivalent luminance as a 60W bulb with a 23-year lifespan.

Of course, the WiFi-enabled Smart LED Bulb is controllable from any iOS or Android device, allowing users to “control, schedule, customize and dim household lighting from anywhere using the WeMo app.”


The bulbs themselves consume 10W of power, similar to other LED products, and offers 800 lumens of light at a relatively warm 3000 kelvins.

Like other WeMo products, the bulbs can be combined with other connected devices from Belkin, so turning on a light can trigger a coffee maker or slow cooker. If you’re into such a thing.

The bulbs are fully dimmable, and fit into a standard light socket.

Belkin is going up against popular connected ecosystems like Wink, which also recently launched in Canada with Philips, GE, Dropcam and others as partners.