Samsung’s Power Sharing Cable lets you transfer battery power from your Galaxy

One of the most talked about features of the Ascend Mate 2 was the fact that it could charge another device. With its massive 3990 mAh battery, the device had no problems lasting more than full day, and was could shift some of its extra juice over to your other devices provided you had the dedicated cable.

Now, Samsung is offering similar functionality with the launch of its own charging cable. Dubbed the Power Sharing Cable, it connects to and is capable of charging any microUSB compatible device. Users will need to install the necessary Power Sharing app from the Play Store (or Samsung App Store) before they can charge.

The app is essential because it lets you decide how much power you want to transfer from one device to the other. You wouldn’t want to “share” so much power that your Samsung device ends up running on fumes.

The cable is priced at $20 in the United States. We’ve reached out to Samsung Canada about Canadian availability.