OnePlus Two coming Q2 or Q3 of next year

OnePlus One

Despite the fact that its announcement was almost six months ago, the OnePlus One is still only available on an invite system. The company originally planned to transition away from invites in October. However, work has already begun on the OnePlus Two, and it could arrive as soon as next spring.

Reps from OnePlus are currently hosting an AMA on Reddit (the second in as many months). In response to one user’s question about the possibility of a OnePlus Two, Carl Pei of OnePlus said a OnePlus Two would be available in Q2 or Q3. That’s a pretty broad release window, but it’s better than what we had before.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that OnePlus is actually considering making smaller devices. The current size of the OnePlus One is 5.5 inches, which is approaching phablet territory. No word on whether the OnePlus Two will be a second generation OnePlus One or a completely different device with a completely different design, though today’s AMA did tell us that the phone will be invite-only, at least at first.

The second OnePlus device is rumoured to be called ‘Lettuce,’ and word first cropped up earlier this summer, but so far we only have the codename. Nothing else about the device has leaked thus far.

Though OnePlus plans to ditch the invite system next month, OnePlus said today that the device won’t be available to buy outright, without any kind of pre-order or reservation system, before next year.