Note 4 and OnePlus One get the butt test

The Bendgate uproar has died down to some extent but plenty of Apple’s competitors are still gleefully jumping on the bandwagon, hoping to keep the “scandal” alive.

This week, Samsung and OnePlus have both released videos of their own “butt tests.” That is, how the quality assurance teams at each company test the durability of the OnePlus One and the Galaxy Note 4 when the devices are sat upon.

OnePlus has also included a screen drop test as well as an impact test from a much higher height. exposure to rain, and heat. Overall, it’s actually pretty interesting to watch (and to know that your phone can probably withstand 10 minutes in the rain).

Samsung’s video is slightly more playful, using animations to show items that bend when you sit on them before launching into footage of its three-point bend test and then the ‘human bend test.’ Other than calling out the metal construction, Samsung doesn’t show off any other aspects of the Note 4’s durability. However, they do have a robot bum (the Sambum?). Gotta give points for that, given all OnePlus has is a denim hammock.

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