Archos has a VR headset that only costs about $45 CDN and works with any phone

Samsung’s GearVR may be a more affordable virtual reality headset (relative to the Oculus Rift, at least) designed for mobile gaming, but the device is only compatible with Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 4. Now, French electronics company Archos has announced a VR solution of its own that is even cheaper than the GearVR and offers compatibility with a wide range of devices.

CNet reports that the device will go on sale in November priced at just £25. To those that have seen the Gear VR or Google’s Cardboard, this device will be familiar, if a little more clunky than Samsung’s offering. It is, however, compatible with pretty much any smartphone smaller than six inches in size, though Archos recommends a quad-core device with a 1080p display. Archos is also trumpeting the ability to watch 3D video via its own Archo Video Player app.

Of course, many major details are still missing. Like what the headset itself is made of, if or when it will be available in Canada, and whether or not we can count on the price to remain under $50, though the very prospect of another VR headset is exciting. Especially if it is coming next month. Really, what Archos stands to gain here is the status of being first to market. Sony’s GearVR is thought to be launching in December, and Sony’s Project Morpheus and the famed Oculus Rift won’t be out until next year and when they do come, they will be a lot more expensive.