Etsy takes on Square with mobile credit card reader

Etsy has been making it easy for artists to sell their wares online for nearly 10 years. Now, the company wants to make it easier for users to sell offline, too.

Following in the footsteps of Square, the company announced a new mobile credit card reader and app combination called Etsy App and Reader. The device itself is free and allows users to swipe credit cards at their physical stores or stalls.

Sellers will be charged 2.75% per swipe, but Etsy won’t charge an Etsy transition fees for offline sales. Users can also sell items not listed in their store using Quick Sale, which allows the seller to just input a price and swipe a customer’s card. Obviously, you won’t be charged a listing fee for these items.

The benefit of Etsy’s own solution over the likes of Square is that the Etsy card reader and app are integrated with the site itself and so sales are included in your Shop Stats. What’s more, sales made in person are automatically reflected in your store’s inventory (whether the person paid cash or card).

Etsy App and Reader is launching in the U.S. at first but will roll out to additional countries “soon.” For now, Canadians will have to make do with Square.